Wildcats News · UPDATED STAGE 2 Athletic Plan

UPDATED:  Jan 4th, 2021
Due to the Governor’s approval on Dec 30th, we have an update on athletic events.
Here is what we know: Winter Sports Will Continue and we get some FANS and Cheerleaders!!!
The main goal is to continue providing the opportunity for our student-athletes to participate in extra-curricular activities.
  • Student-athletes may have up to 2 spectators for both home and away teams. Gate will be collected, gate is $6 per person or an FHS/IHSAA pass. Visiting team spectators will be placed on one side of the gym. The home team will be placed on the other side. All spectators are REQUIRED to properly wear masks. The gym will be cleared after each game to allow for the next set of fans. (Basketball not to exceed 13 student participants)
    *Wrestling-Spectators ONLY for meets-No spectators for tournaments at this time. (Not to exceed 15 student participants for wrestling).
  • After each game, the fans must clear the gym to allow the fans of the next game to enter.
  • Cheer teams will be allowed 6 cheerleaders for the JV game and 6 cheerleaders for the Varsity game. Each Cheerleader may have up to 2 spectators.
  • We will continue to live stream home games via Facebook live our home games and away if possible.

(Boys Basketball)  Filer High School

(Girls Basketball) Filer Booster Facebook

(Wrestling) Filer High School Wrestling Streaming

  • Once we get the Pixollot system we will be live streaming it on NFHS (a subscription will be required). We will try our best to stream aways games also if the school is not doing a live stream.
These guidelines, restrictions, and other recommendations can also be found here: High School Athletic Plan for Governors Orders on Gatherings and Spectators_12.29.2020