Filer Athletics Mission/Philosophy

Filer Athletic Program Mission

            Filer School District #413 provides opportunities for students to participate in quality extracurricular activities. (For the purpose of this code, an extracurricular activity is any function which is outside of the scope of regular classroom activities.) Filer School District #413 firmly believes that extracurricular activities are a privilege not a right. The athletic program supports the academic mission of the school. Filer High school sets high expectations for its coaches and student-athletes. The athletic program will promote interscholastic athletics that provide lifelong learning experiences to student-athletes while enhancing their achievement of educational goals. Our goal is to teach the values of teamwork, respect, commitment, work ethic, sportsmanship and being humble.

Filer Athletic Program Objectives

  • Provide the opportunity for student-athletes to develop wholeness through learning experiences that contributes to their physical, mental, emotional and social growth.
  • Provide each student-athlete with the opportunity to improve their individual skill and potential.
  • Provide the opportunity for each student-athlete to learn how to function as a member of a team.
  • To develop the qualities of good sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, and moral integrity within each student-athlete.
  • To teach the student-athlete to value hard work and commitment.
  • To provide the opportunities for growth and development through athletic competition that will contribute to a successful adult life for each student-athlete.
  • To develop school spirit within each student-athlete.

Filer Athletic Program Philosophy

            Filer Athletics is an extension of Filer High School and the educational process. Filer High School Athletics takes pride in providing opportunities to build a unifying influence within our student body and between our school and community. The Filer athletic family will provide each participant with positive experiences that will help them build their respect, education, accountability, responsibility, commitment, work ethic, sportsmanship, and loyalty which will guide them throughout life.